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Cellwatch Battery Monitoring System


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Cellwatch prevents unplanned downtime

Since batteries can fail in as little two days, Cellwatch is designed to protect you daily, not just when your scheduled preventive maintenance occurs. Cellwatch delivers prompt notification of your vulnerability – giving you peace of mind, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding company assets. Cellwatch detects failures months before a battery would become an operating risk, and months before a technician might discover it during a quarterly maintenance check. Ensure your battery protection applications will work when you need them.

Cellwatch extends battery life

By knowing the health of your battery every day you can selectively replace only failing jars or cells, thereby saving money on battery replacement and maintenance. This also helps you prevent useful batteries from being destroyed, lessening the environmental impact of your operation.

Cellwatch creates a safer environment

By automating the measurement of your battery health you eliminate the risk of human error and the dangerous and unreliable task of hand held testing. Cellwatch is UL/CE listed and designed to minimize exposure to high-voltages by optically isolating our components.

Daily monitoring of all battery types

UPS, generator, switchgear, communications gear, and other mission critical backup battery systems.

Versatile measuring capability

One Cellwatch system is capable of simultaneously monitoring 2-16 volt jars/monoblocs.

Fiber optic inter-connection system

Provides greater noise immunity and makes it inherently safer –eliminating high DC voltage exposure and eliminating the possibility of monitor induced battery ground faults.

Modular and scalable design

Whether you are adding a string, a room, or a building, the Cellwatch system is truly scalable. Even the best laid plans sometimes get changed over time as the needs of your data center change. With only three major components, expanding your system is as simple as adding the appropriate number of components. No rewiring is required and the components can even be refitted to a change in architecture. Extending your system to cover your auxiliary batteries, like your generator batteries, is accomplished in the same way.

Minimal test load

By implementing advanced filtering technology, we perfected the technology that allows Cellwatch to use an ultra light test load to monitor the performance of every jar every day, without degrading the battery.

Designed for reliability

Cellwatch is designed to last. Hundreds of systems installed over 15 years ago are still in place and accurately monitoring batteries.

Accurate and predictive

Using the best technology, Cellwatch virtually eliminates false positives and provides complete battery visibility so you can determine battery health and know precisely when a battery needs to be replaced.

Easy to use interface

Cellwatch provides clear indication when a battery is at risk of failure. Alerts can be forwarded to personnel you select to ensure prompt action to remedy the problem.