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Battery Monitoring for NERC PRC-005


Don’t let NERC PRC-005 get you down!

We understand the challenges utilities have in meeting the NERC PRC-005 requirements. You certainly have options, and there are battery monitoring systems that help you meet and exceed these requirements.

Battery monitoring can help you stay in compliance with NERC PRC-005.   With a battery monitoring system, you can automate IEEE battery maintenance (voltage, temperature, internal ohmic values and more) and testing to comply with NERC PRC-005.





Battery monitoring for NERC PRC-005

Battery Monitoring to help compliance with NERC-PRC-005


In December 2013, a FERC order approved PRC-005, defining minimum maintenance activities and maximum maintenance intervals for station batteries and is effective starting February 24, 2014. It defines specific requirements for VLA, VRLA and Ni-Cad batteries.

Importantly, PRC-005 outlines exclusions to maintenance intervals for sites using battery monitoring systems. By using a reliable battery monitoring system, NERC utilities can dramatically decrease the costs of complying with PRC-005 by automating the following maintenance tasks.BenefitsGrid

Not only will you save time and money through automating the IEEE battery maintenance requirements, you will also avoid the costly penalties associated with non-compliance or incomplete records.  All key battery parameters are continuously monitored with complete and accurate data record storage.

Many features of battery monitoring systems came from the input of several NERC utilities. The goal is to completely meet the NERC requirements, and eliminate the required maintenance intervals and the unnecessary travel to remote sites.

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