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Battery Monitoring | Various Locations

This client has a couple locations where they chose the Cellwatch battery monitoring system to keep them on top of their battery’s status.  At one site they have three 480-volt strings of front terminal VRLA battery “stacks”.  At another site, they have two 480-volt VLA (wet cell) battery strings.

Battery Monitoring | Chester, VA

This Alber BDS-256XL combined reading monitoring system included a total of 12VLA battery strings, each with 240 cells.  The system was installed with a complete wire management system, spanning four different rooms (three strings in each room).

Battery Monitoring | Portland, OR

This Alber BDS-256XL battery monitoring system is comprised of two 480 vdc battery strings.  The project included all wire management, load steps, wire harnesses, temperature probes, CT’s and other ancillary supplies.  The load steps for both UPS-A and UPS-B were verified by a voltage check between each lead. Then a test database was created and all voltages showed correctly along with the temperature probes.

Battery Monitoring | Tuscon, AZ

At this datacenter, API did a complete reconfiguration and installation on their Alber BDS-256XL battery  monitoring system.  The system involved (40) VRLA battery strings.  Prior to this project, the systems were on a 6-volt battery module.  Now they are on a 12-volt battery module, which required a new monitoring configuration.  All of the old wiring harnesses were removed and re-installed on the new battery configuration, and the monitoring system was re-commissioned.

Battery Monitoring | Kansas City, MO

This power utility company’s datacenter needed two new battery strings to support their growing network operations. After 2 new VRLA battery strings were installed, an Alber BDS-256XL battery monitoring system was installed and commissioned on all three strings. One battery string was an existing vented lead acid battery.

Battery & Monitoring Installation | Kansas City, MO

At this chemical processing plant, two new switchgear systems were added to support new operations.  Two new 120vdc Enersys Varta NiCd battery strings were designed and installed to back up these switchgear. The project included Enviroguard Hawk Spill Containment systems, racks, Hindle AT-10 chargers and 92 NiCd cells in each string. An Alber MPM-100 battery monitoring systems was added as well to each string.  Battery was also discharged to confirm its capacity from the factory.  An Alber DC resistive load bank was used in concert with a BCT-2000 to record the battery performance.

UPS | Bloomington, IL

In 2005, API installed and commissioned the client’s Alber BDS-256 battery monitoring system on 14 battery strings.  Every year, API conducts capacity (load) testing and thermal infrared scanning services on all critical battery systems. For each capacity test, the battery’s discharge and performance data is captured with the BDS-256 and a comprehensive report is provided.  API also performs quarterly preventative maintenance on the client’s Alber BDS-256 battery monitoring systems to ensure proper operation and that it is calibrated to factory specifications.

UPS | Nashville, TN

At this datacenter facility, API removed and recycled two strings (80 total jars) of VRLA batteries and then installed new Enersys DataSafe 12HX-400 batteries for the client’s UPS. Four spare batteries were also removed and installed. After the battery replacement and proper charging, an IEEE-1188 inspection was conducted prior to commissioning the battery strings with an acceptance test. During the acceptance testing, an Alber Battery Capacity Test Set (BCT) and Alber DC Resistive Load bank were used to discharge and capture the battery performance data. API also conducts annual preventative maintenance on this datacenter’s Alber Battery Monitoring Systems.

UPS | Jackson, MS

Telecom | Kansas City, MO

This public power utility company chose API to provide a turnkey installation to remove their depleted 48v telecom battery system, and replace with an Enersys G Series battery with an Alber battery monitoring system. The old battery was properly removed and recycled.