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Battery & Monitoring Installation | Kansas City, MO

At this chemical processing plant, two new switchgear systems were added to support new operations.  Two new 120vdc Enersys Varta NiCd battery strings were designed and installed to back up these switchgear. The project included Enviroguard Hawk Spill Containment systems, racks, Hindle AT-10 chargers and 92 NiCd cells in each string. An Alber MPM-100 battery monitoring systems was added as well to each string.  Battery was also discharged to confirm its capacity from the factory.  An Alber DC resistive load bank was used in concert with a BCT-2000 to record the battery performance.

Switchgear | Kansas City, MO

This private power utility hired API to provide a turnkey solution to retrofit their legacy backup power systems.  A new battery building was purchased and outfitted for each of the three substations.  After the first substation was complete, the other two followed suit.

The substations were equipped with new batteries (Enersys PowerSafe EC), racks, Enviroguard spill containment and Hindle AT10 chargers.

New distribution feeds were required to be ran from the existing generator cabs as well.  After installation, the batteries were acceptance (load) tested and the power loads were transferred to the new system. Later, the old batteries were de-commissioned and properly recycled.