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Telecom | Kansas City, MO

This public power utility company chose API to provide a turnkey installation to remove their depleted 48v telecom battery system, and replace with an Enersys G Series battery with an Alber battery monitoring system. The old battery was properly removed and recycled.

Telecom | Kansas City

API was responsible for providing a new rack, as well as the replacement battery cells.  All batteries were replaced — two parallel strings with four 6-cell modules per string, supplying a nominal 48VDC. (2x4x12).  Battery installed was EnerSys model 12HX-400.  All posts, intercell connectors and terminal lugs were prepared and cleaned using a light coating of “No-Ox” to prevent corrosion.  Using an insulated torque wrench, all connections were verified per the manufacturer’s recommendations.  After installation, voltage values were verified and the rectifier and telephone system were restarted.

UPS & Telecom | Kansas City, KS

This long time client has tasked API with several preventative maintenance services. From UPS to battery maintenance, they trust API to take care of their backup power systems to ensure zero downtime. In 2010, several batteries were replaced, including a UPS string. Enersys Genesis XE95 Pure Lead cells (red and black cells shown above) were used on one of three UPS strings. The client also has a Telecom room which we test and maintain.