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Battery Monitoring | Portland, OR

This Alber BDS-256XL battery monitoring system is comprised of two 480 vdc battery strings.  The project included all wire management, load steps, wire harnesses, temperature probes, CT’s and other ancillary supplies.  The load steps for both UPS-A and UPS-B were verified by a voltage check between each lead. Then a test database was created and all voltages showed correctly along with the temperature probes.

Battery Monitoring | Tuscon, AZ

At this datacenter, API did a complete reconfiguration and installation on their Alber BDS-256XL battery  monitoring system.  The system involved (40) VRLA battery strings.  Prior to this project, the systems were on a 6-volt battery module.  Now they are on a 12-volt battery module, which required a new monitoring configuration.  All of the old wiring harnesses were removed and re-installed on the new battery configuration, and the monitoring system was re-commissioned.

UPS | Bloomington, IL

In 2005, API installed and commissioned the client’s Alber BDS-256 battery monitoring system on 14 battery strings.  Every year, API conducts capacity (load) testing and thermal infrared scanning services on all critical battery systems. For each capacity test, the battery’s discharge and performance data is captured with the BDS-256 and a comprehensive report is provided.  API also performs quarterly preventative maintenance on the client’s Alber BDS-256 battery monitoring systems to ensure proper operation and that it is calibrated to factory specifications.

UPS | Nashville, TN

At this datacenter facility, API removed and recycled two strings (80 total jars) of VRLA batteries and then installed new Enersys DataSafe 12HX-400 batteries for the client’s UPS. Four spare batteries were also removed and installed. After the battery replacement and proper charging, an IEEE-1188 inspection was conducted prior to commissioning the battery strings with an acceptance test. During the acceptance testing, an Alber Battery Capacity Test Set (BCT) and Alber DC Resistive Load bank were used to discharge and capture the battery performance data. API also conducts annual preventative maintenance on this datacenter’s Alber Battery Monitoring Systems.

UPS | Jackson, MS

UPS | Kansas City, MO

This downtown Kansas City datacenter had two strings of C&D Libert batteries (80 jars total) that required replacement in order to support their UPS load.  API was contracted to remove and replace these 80 batteries. EnerSys Datasafe 12HX-400 valve-regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA) were used as the replacement cells.

After the battery replacement was complete, an Alber BDS-40 battery monitoring system was installed and commissioned.

UPS | Kansas City, MO

Two strings (2x176x2) of C&D XT4LC11s were replaced with Enersys DataSafe 4DXC-9B-FR UPS  batteries on the existing C&D racks.  The new battery proposed needed to provide 400kW for 10 minutes.  The client also required that the new batteries have wrapped plates to prolong the battery life.  Flame retardant jars and a 1.250 specific gravity were also specified.

Their Alber BDS-256 battery monitoring system was also removed, re-installed and re-programed/calibrated after the new cells were installed. The customer considered a VRLA, but after seeing the annual cost of it over a 3-4 year lifespan, they chose to stick with the 12 year Vented Lead Acid battery.

After this battery room was complete, they chose API to replace their batteries in a 2nd battery room the following year.  The scope of work in this battery room was essentially identical to the first room.

UPS | Miamisburg, OH

API was hired to install an Alber BDS-256 combined reading system on two strings of batteries, each consisting of 60 8v cells. Both strings are connected to one controller.  First, tab washers needed to be installed on each cell, and all Alber modules were mounted in the floor mounted racks. Both discharge and float current transducers were installed and calibrated on this system.

UPS & Telecom | Kansas City, KS

This long time client has tasked API with several preventative maintenance services. From UPS to battery maintenance, they trust API to take care of their backup power systems to ensure zero downtime. In 2010, several batteries were replaced, including a UPS string. Enersys Genesis XE95 Pure Lead cells (red and black cells shown above) were used on one of three UPS strings. The client also has a Telecom room which we test and maintain.

UPS | Kansas City, MO

This datacenter contracted API to conduct its comprehensive UPS battery maintenance and battery replacement program. As their VRLA battery systems are replaced, am acceptance load test is conducted after the installation to properly commission the new battery string. A regimented quarterly IEEE-1188 battery maintenance inspection is conducted on every string to ensure this datacenter’s operations and uptime are never compromised.  They are proud users of Enersys DataSafe HX VRLA and DataSafe DX batteries.