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Alber Battery Monitoring Systems

It’s no secret that batteries are the weakest link to a backup power system supporting your critical load.  Battery monitoring systems give you the ability to detect a battery going bad instantly. These monitoring systems measure overall voltage, cell voltages, current, and temperature; all key components that influence how batteries perform.

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Learn how battery monitoring can lower your battery maintenance cost, and ensure you stay online.


**Along with these measurements, battery monitoring systems have the ability to measure battery resistance along with inter-tier resistance, measurements that will allow the user to troubleshoot a possible bad battery.

Battery monitoring systems are also ideal for those who expect to add more battery strings to their system at a later time since battery monitoring systems are able to measure up to one thousand strings.

Our monitoring solution simply saves you money by:

  • Preventing battery failure
  • Optimizing useful battery life
  • Reducing maintenance cost
  • Increasing safety

So Why Alber?
The Alber Battery Monitoring Systems use a patented internal DC resistance test method that bypasses the limitations of AC based impedance testing used by other manufacturers. Like an ultrasound for a battery, Albér technology lets you “look inside” and assess the battery’s true state of health. It tests the condition of each module by performing a proactive resistance test – the most reliable indicator of battery performance.

There are different monitor solutions, depending on the type of battery system you have:

  • BDS-40 (for VRLA battery systems with up to 40 battery cells/modules per string)
  • BDS-256 XL (for larger battery systems with up to 256 battery cells/modules per string)
  • MPM-100 (for battery systems that are 150 vdc or less or 100 cells/modules per string
  • UXIM (for 120v battery systems, primarily for utility applications and NERC PRC-005 compliance)