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Telecom & CATV Batteries

New construction or replacement, vented lead acid or valve-regulated, API can assist you in the selection and installation of the proper telecommunications battery system to meet your load requirements.

Here are a few of the more popular battery models for the Telecom industry.  Please contact us with any questions!

PowerSafe DDm (200Ah to 2000Ah)
These versatile battery systems offer and ideal solution for large capacity VRLA requirements.  The “module” design concept with its integral racking system, provides a cost effective system with a compact, quick & simple installation process….[read more]




PowerSafe SBS (31Ah to 190Ah)
These smaller batteries are designed with front terminal configurations.  They are ideal for Outside Plant (OSP) and small Central Office (CO) applications.  They can also be installed in cabinets or 19″ or 23″ racks….[read more]