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Renewable Energy Batteries

Solar (PV Photovoltaic), Wind, Hydro.  The green initiative continues to grow fast.  API can provide battery systems to store your generated energy.  Depending on your requirements, we have both sealed (VRLA) and flooded (VLA) technologies to build your system.


Enersys OPzV
The PowerSafe™OPzV range are valve regulated lead-acid cells which use a proven combination of GEL and tubular technologies to offer a very high level of reliability. These single cells benefit from an optimized plate design which gives capacities in excess of the DIN standard values.


Enersys Genesis XE
The Genesis™ XE thin plate pure lead battery excels in demanding environmental and cycling applications such as:  Alternative energy applications, e.g. solar and wind power.  Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).




Enersys PowerSafe® RE
The EnerSys® range of PowerSafe® RE batteries has been designed for use in renewable energy applications.  PowerSafe RE batteries benefit from the square tubular plate…





Exide GNB Sunlyte®
12v VRLA batteries for Photovoltaic and Alternative Energy applications.  100Ah at 100 hour rate.