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Our Commitment, Our Promise

We are committed to the green initiative, and that’s not just a line. Being green is a big buzz word these days, but it’s not a phrase that we just throw around.

Lead-acid batteries are by far the most fully recycled of all consumer products. Recycling centers can recover more than 97 % of the lead and plastic in a lead-acid
battery. Once those reclaimed materials reach a battery manufacturer, they can account for 60-80% of the lead and plastic in a “new” lead-acid battery. It’s a closed-loop lifecycle that can continue indefinitely.

The millions of lead-acid batteries now starting vehicles, or powering industrial applications, have been and can continue to be recycled many times. It makes lead-acid battery recycling very green, from both a cost- and resource-saving perspective.

As a battery distributor, we recognize and understand our (and your) obligations to the environment. When you purchase a battery, you are liable for its proper disposition. If your lead-acid battery is dumped in a landfill or shipped to a scrap dealer that does not handle it properly,YOU may be held responsible for any resulting cleanup costs or environmental damage.

Plus, the stringent laws governing battery recycling, disposal, and shipping are a complicated mix of state and federal statutes. Failing to comply with any of them can result in heavy fines and enforcement actions. That’s why we’re making battery recycling easier for our customers.

No matter what brand or size of battery, we can properly dispose of your battery. Our program makes compliance easier so you don’t have to analyze complicated state and federal regulations or expose yourself to liability risks. Instead, you can focus on running your business.

Batteries are the most recycled product!
Lead-acid batteries 97%
Aluminum cans 55%
Newspapers 45%
Glass bottles 26%
Tires 26%

Source: Battery Council International

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