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Preventative Maintenance






Your critical power equipment maintenance can’t be more important.  Whether it’s your UPS, batteries or other equipment, we can assist with a program that best meets your objectives.

Preventative battery maintenance is essential for 100% uptime in your power supply. Our maintenance schedules are in accordance with IEEE Standards 1188 (VRLA) and 450 (VLA) and  1106 (Nicd) stationary batteries.

Our service plans are tailored to match your battery type and application. Summit Power provides preventative and corrective battery maintenance and inspections at periodic intervals in accordance with the applicable IEEE standards.

Our seasoned field technicians measure and record critical battery parameters to be certain that your batteries are in proper material condition and will operate in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification during a discharge, when it matters the most.

All of our maintenance procedures follow IEEE standards and include, but not limited to:

* Perform visual inspection
* Measure and record battery temperature
* Measure and record overall voltage
* Measure and record individual jar/cell voltages
* Measure and record internal jar/cell internal resistance (Internal Ohmic)
* Measure and record intercell/interjar resistance (Internal Ohmic)
* Measure and record specific gravity
* Check electrolyte levels and fill where required.
* Clean and neutralize any electrolyte on battery covers or racks.
* Wipe off dust and debris to eliminate parasitic paths for conduction.

Upon completion of our maintenance procedures, we provide a detailed maintenance report that includes procedures, conclusions and recommendations.