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BattBasics is a 4-hour complimentary course where we discuss the differences of various stationary battery technologies and critical power applications. Yes, that’s right free.

This course can be customized to a 1 hour, 2 hour, or 4 hour seminar.  1 day or 2 day courses are also available at a fee. We can also customize the curriculum to cover specific topics on request.

BattBasics topics include, but not limited to:

  • Battery construction, manufacturing and electro-chemical characteristics
  • Differences, pros & cons of various battery types (VLA, VRLA, lead-acid, pure lead, Nickel-Cadmium)
  • Battery applications
  • Modes of battery failure
  • Importance of Battery Temperature
  • Battery voltage, current, internal ohmic measurements
  • Battery chargers, racks and spill containment
  • Battery rating (Ah vs. WPC)
  • Battery monitoring systems – what’s the value?
  • Capacity (load) testing
  • Calculating battery capacity (runtime)
  • Commissioning a battery system
  • IEEE standards
  • Battery installation, maintenance, cleaning & safety

Do you prefer that BattBasics be held at your facility?  Some prefer BattBasics to be conducted at their facility to maximize the personnel that can attend.  If your facility is within a 30 minute driving radius of the Kansas City or Baltimore metro area, BattBasics is complimentary. If your facility is outside of this range, BattBasics can be conducted at your site for a fee to cover our travel and other expenses.