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Paralleling Switchgear

Zenith Energy Commander™ Paralleling Switchgear (PSG)

GE’s Zenith Energy Commander PSG provides control for multiple power sources, usually two or more generator sets. Energy Commander has solutions from medium to very complex due to its design flexibility and customization.


Low Voltage

Arc Vault™ Protection System
An innovative step forward in Arc Flash protection! The GE Arc Vault system offers significant benefits compared to existing products and systems.

Entellisys® 5.0 Low-Voltage Switchgear
Entellisys provides both protection and selectivity without compromising one for the other, and combines power distribution protection, control, monitoring, diagnostic, and ease-of-use into one integrated system.

AKD-20 Low-Voltage Switchgear
AKD-20 low-voltage switchgear continues the AKD tradition while delivering enhanced arc flash protection. It fits into a smaller area for the most common configurations. It replaces the AKD-10 switchgear.

AKD-10 OEM Module
This OEM version of the AKD-10 provides the flexiblity, ratings and confidence that is needed for our OEM customers.

Gerapid DC OEM Module
For use with Gerapid High-Speed DC circuit breakers.

Medium Voltage

Power/Vac® Metal Clad Switchgear
GE’s POWER/VAC® product line combines the features of metalclad construction with POWER/VAC vacuum interrupter technology in the manufacture and design of a superior class of medium voltage switchgear. Available with ratings from 5 to 38kV.

PV System 27/38 Metal Enclosed Switchgear
This 38kV switchgear delivers advanced vacuum circuit breaker technology and uncompromsing attention to every detail.

Power/Vac® OEM Express Switchgear
Designed with the OEM in mind, POWER/VAC® OEM Express is fully assembled, mechanically complete switchgear without devices and wire.

Arc-Resistant Metal Clad Switchgear
Our arc-resistant switchgear offering is designed to direct and control the energy released while minimizing injury to personnel and reducing collateral damage to surrounding equipment. Available with ratings from 5 to 38kV.